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Is CapeNature’s Hunting Protocol Breaking the Law?

Report by: Chris Mercer.   Campaign against Canned Hunting Inc. (CACH) No Relief from Gin traps for South Africa’s wildlife. REPORT ON WILDLIFE FORUM MEETING IN CAPE TOWN ON 11th JUNE, 2012 Present were the MEC Anton Bredell, Harry Prinsloo and four other members of the … Read More

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South Africa: CapeNature Responds

In response to my earlier blog post, Speak Out: Should South Africa Issue Permits to Hunt Predators, Acting CEO of CapeNature (CEO Manana Moroka has been suspended as of May 2012 without details released to the public) Dr. Kas Hamman has this to say: Dear … Read More

Dereck Joubert & Big Cats Initiative National Geographic Responds

In response to CapeNature’s proposal to allow permits for massive hunting of small predators in South Africa, Dereck Joubert has this to say: Read the full proposal: & submit your comments to: dca@capenature.co.za To Whom it may Concern, It has come to our attention that … Read More

The Caracal: One of the animals included in the hunting permit through CapeNature

Speak Out: Should South Africa issue permits to hunt predators?

Killing animals from helicopters. It’s not just for Sarah Palin’s Alaska. It’s on the table as a justified means of wildlife management in South Africa. Published under a low-profile link on their website, CapeNature says you have until June 5th, 2012 to comment on these … Read More