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Tech & the Cheetah

  Photographing the photographer: A young Samburu girl takes pictures with her cellphone to share with friends on Facebook. Outside Kisima, Samburu County, Kenya.  Some regions of Kenya have better cell phone reception than the heart of San Francisco’s financial district.  This is no exaggeration.  … Read More

The Cheetah & The San Bushmen of Botswana

While traveling with Cheetah Conservation Botswana, I had the rare experience to meet the Nai Nai San Bushmen of the Central Kalahari. The name Nai Nai translates directly as “people of the bush” thus they consider themselves to be the true bushmen.  This small family … Read More

We are Cheetah Friendly – Part I

My journey from Cape Town to Kimberly by plane, then on the road to the border of Botswana in the NW Province  “Howzit?  How are the cheetahs?” ask my new friends in Cape Town. “I’m going to Bray for a few days.”  “Where??”  When even … Read More

Ambassador to Cameroon, Joseph Bienvenu Charles FOE-ATANGANA

BREAKING: The African Poaching Crisis & America’s Responsibility

Following Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s speech on the poaching crisis, the U.S. International Conservation Caucus held a hearing to focus the American government’s response to threats to African stability and American security from increasingly aggressive poaching networks. Witness testimonies were given by leaders in … Read More