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Cheetahs of AfriCat Okonjima © marcy mendelson

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The Fresh Kill

The Fresh Kill

This animal was killed by a coalition of four male cheetah just a few hours prior.  Note the teeth marks where the cheetah suffocated the prey to its death, barely piercing the skin.

Namibia’s Future: AfriCat’s Vision

From National Geographic News Watch: MJ (Maha Junior), resident leopard of Okonjima; confident in her territory where she raises her cubs AfriCat (& Okonjima Lodge) is a family affair.  The Hanssens, a Namibian farming family, settled on the property of Okonjima in the 1970s.  They […]

The Cheetah Think Tank

From National Geographic News Watch: At the sounds of the horn, 5 cheetah run behind the truck in anticipation of a meal The Cheetah Conservation Fund, headquartered in Otjiworongo, Namibia, is a recognized leader in the field of big cat conservation.  CCF is known for […]