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The Cheetah, the Maasai & the Tourist

  Ears back..After getting harassed by the topi and found out by the wildebeest, the cheetah brothers walk off into the sunset in search of easier prey. Mara North Conservancy, Kenya. The wildebeest are on high alert.  Following their gaze I see two male cheetah […]

Mamma Cheetah’s Outreach in Samburu

“Mamma Cheetah!”  someone shouts at us from the crowds of people strolling through the dusty streets.  The Action for Cheetahs in Kenya team just filled up the truck and is pulling out of the rough–n-tumble town of Isiolo.  Whoever enthusiastically shouted out to the cheetah […]

Keep up-to-date & Follow along…

Reminder: Cheetah news can be read here *and* on National Geographic News Watch. Bookmark this page: National Geographic News Watch : reports by Marcy Mendelson Here is the latest… my first report from Cheetah Conservation Botswana Reaching out to Communities in Botswana Local woman attending […]