Dame Elizabeth Taylor

Condolences to the family & fans of the great Elizabeth Taylor:

These images come from 1975 during Liz Taylor and Richard Burton’s second marriage & honeymoon in Chobe National Park, Kasane, Botswana.  The archives at BBC online host the article:

1975: Liz Taylor and Richard Burton remarry

Actors Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor have secretly remarried in Africa only 16 months after getting divorced.

The couple who split last year after nearly 10 years of marriage were reconciled in August and have been enjoying a second honeymoon in Chobe game park in Botswana.

The couple first met when they were starring in the film, Cleopatra, in Rome, when their onscreen romance quickly turned into an offscreen love affair.

They married in 1964. Richard Burton was her fifth husband, she was his second wife.

They arrived in Johannesburg in September ostensibly to attend a charity celebrity tennis tournament.

They then flew by private jet to the Rhodesian border near Victoria Falls where they were met and driven to the Chobe game lodge

The private wedding ceremony was conducted by African district commissioner Abrose Masalila and witnessed by the manager of the game lodge where they were staying, Fred Knoessen, and Brian Graham, who runs tours from the lodge.

Mr Masalila said: “The bride wore green, with lace frills and guinea fowl feathers.”

Champagne toast

Burton was in a red shirt, white trousers and red socks.

The simple service, which took just 20 minutes to perform, was held at 1530 local time in Mr Masalila’s office in the remote village of Kasane.

The couple exchanged rings and held hands and later they asked Mr Masalila to join them for a champagne toast on the banks of the Chobe river.

He said: “They looked very excited but composed. I don’t think they had a party afterwards because I think they would have invited me if they had. They are very nice people.”

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