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Open Letter to Mindy Budgor

Dear Mindy, I’ve debated penning this letter for a few weeks but as it comes clear that American media is continuing to promote your book, I’ve made the decision to speak out. Since you have not responded to the multitudes of Maasai women, perhaps you […]


The Cheetah, the Maasai & the Tourist

  Ears back..After getting harassed by the topi and found out by the wildebeest, the cheetah brothers walk off into the sunset in search of easier prey. Mara North Conservancy, Kenya. The wildebeest are on high alert.  Following their gaze I see two male cheetah […]

Mamma Cheetah’s Outreach in Samburu

“Mamma Cheetah!”  someone shouts at us from the crowds of people strolling through the dusty streets.  The Action for Cheetahs in Kenya team just filled up the truck and is pulling out of the rough–n-tumble town of Isiolo.  Whoever enthusiastically shouted out to the cheetah […]

Breaking Bad: Poachers on the Loose in Kenya

  Poached elephant, killed approximately on July 11, 2013 by gunfire near Meibei, Samburu communal land, Northern Kenya. This image was made on Sunday, July 14, after Kenya Wildlife Services removed the remaining tusks from the carcass the night before. With thousands of fresh footprints […]