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Ambassador to Cameroon, Joseph Bienvenu Charles FOE-ATANGANA

BREAKING: The African Poaching Crisis & America’s Responsibility

Following Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s speech on the poaching crisis, the U.S. International Conservation Caucus held a hearing to focus the American government’s response to threats to African stability and American security from increasingly aggressive poaching networks. Witness testimonies were given by leaders in […]

Cheetahs in Wine Country: Outreach South African Style

The resident serval at Cheetah Outreach gives a warning snarl From National Geographic News Watch: Tourists traveling in the Cape Town area of South Africa often make the scenic drive through wine country, which is where Cheetah Outreach is located.  Founded in 1997 by Annie […]

Samara Safari Guide holds up the skull of an oryx, an old kill by resident cheetah

The Return of the Cheetah

This male is in a soft-release enclosure. He has since been released into his new home on Samara. From National Geographic News Watch: Deep in the Karoo of South Africa’s Eastern Cape is a land starting over.  The air is dry, the ground recovering from […]