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Ghostly image of the cheetah in Niger, Africa

The Desert Ghost

BBC Earth News has this astonishing story with photographic proof that the elusive Saharan cheetah exists.  How many in number, scientists are unclear still, but the evidence is there in the very first photograph from a camera trap in the dead of night somewhere in […]

Long Island Wedding

Special Promotion

Happy Holidays Cheetah Lovers! In the interests of raising funds for my travel to Africa to document cheetahs in the wild and the hard work of conservation organizations in the field, I’m offering a special discount: Use the Promo Code ‘CHEETAH’ and receive 10% all […]

The Power of the Individual

You never know who you’ll meet.  Attending an awards ceremony for social media campaigns, I met a very witty and charming writer, Todd Wilms.  We chatted social media and advertising for a bit before I brought up my favorite topic, cheetahs.  He was intrigued with […]

CCF Logo

Cheetah Conservation Fund responds to false allegations

In response to ABC News, Talking Points Memo and other sources who have made incorrect, false accusations surrounding Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY): Talking Points Memo “Citizens Against Government Waste saddled Rogers with the award for “sponsoring legislation that could give federal funding to his daughter’s […]